A typical day in the life of a writer - picture by Nikon self-timer - 1995
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Whenever I can stop talking or doing stuff for other people long enough to get what I am thinking about down in writing, I am a writer. Some people like the way I write, others don't. I can accept that more readily than i can change it. So, I have given up on trying to second guess readers. I would rather just find people who I can connect with and manuipulate them. Most of what I have written since 1995 has ended up in email, rather than in my journals. I have not written anything for publication in several years. I do not know if I want to change that or not. I spent much of this summer figuring out how to create an HTML based multimedia encyclopedia that allows me to share knowledge with other people more efficiently and more effectively than I can at this point. It is a really big project.

Magazine Articles(typically the final drafts before the editor's cuts) Books Authored
Design Engineering Textbook
Foresight/Woodnet 1995

Virgil's Last Party, Part I

Virgil's Last Party, Part II
A more complex edited version of this document, with many additions collected from other people was published by Sage Arts (I think) 1993

Random Observations

We began doing science in the vain hope that our hypotheses might die in our stead.

But somehow we ended up fighting to the death, defending them.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.

Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

-- George Bernard Shaw

Ongoing Projects(some have embedded photographs)

This summer's lessons: I decided that I had to teach people some technique before they got into Sea Kayaking.

Essay on Political ProcessThe true impact of regulations on society and the nature of regulattory Environment.

An Essay On Falling in Love - Post-Jungian, Post-Richard Dawkins, True. Probably as clear as anyone can say it so far.

An interesting hike into Kings Canyon - with pictures.

Yo-Yo Skiing Scottish Lakes - waterski uphill on Telemark skis behind snowmobiles?

The first day we bombed Baghdad

Utah - first clear signs of aging begin to emerge on the Salmon River in Idaho


Lake of the Angels - a visit to the Olympic Mountians after I realized that depth of experience meant more to me than breadth of experience and I started to go to the same place again and again to see how it really worked.

Carrying Capacity - a journey through the myth looking for the real deep south

An Essay On Falling in Love - Post-Jungian, Post-Richard Dawkins, True. Probably as clear as anyone can say it so far.

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