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For some reason or other, last year was the time for me to get my 15 minutes of fame, all over again.

It began when Noah Adams came to Port Townsend, and interviewed some of the interesting people who live here about life and love.
Of course, he found me ...

All Things Considered
Wednesday, May 16, 2001

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Shed Boys
On the very tip of Washington state's Olympic Peninsula lies the town of Port Townsend. There are people there that live in the woods, with no electricity or running water. They're known around town as great lovers. They're called Shed Boys and Shed Girls. Noah Adams tours Port Townsend, talks with locals and takes stock of the phenomenon. (8:00)
Then, later in the summer, The Seattle Times sent Richard Seven and Harley Soltes to check up on "the other Port Townsend," and they found some of us to be too photogenic to ignore. Especially me - they put me on the cover. Photo by Harley Soltes feature article by Richard Seven, Seattle Times 11-11-2001 - click the image to read the article and see the rest of Harley's GREAT images.
More recently, like just two summers ago, Dahr Jamail and I both were talking at a public meeting on energy and climate issues in Port Townsend and he heard about my latest project - my waste-heat heated, heated-soil "Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse" and had to come visit and see it for himself. Since then, it has gotten pretty much completed - the cold storage side is working smoothly and the design for the next one is underway. Photo and article article by Dahr Jamail Sunday, 10 August 2014 00:00 - click the image to read the article and see more of Dahr's images.