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Post Hole Backfilled w/ Crushed Rock

Bones with majority of the booth packed for winter Note how counter skirt covers loft planks to prevent leaves and water from collecting and rotting wood

Brand New booth with loft coming together fast

Loft Railing built to spec. Not hanger/rest detail at left that could allow the railing to be removed and stacked for winter

plywood used beautifully - the counters are the booth's primary shipping boxes

Clever welded steel brackets that support a new loft booth without requiring postholes pierblocks. Setup is incredibly fast and the whole thing fits in the van.

Dripline in the INFO booth. Furrows over an inch deep created by drips from the loft above. Note also the "dead zone" that the loft's shadow created.

To say your loft is going to get covered in leaves is really an undertatement. Buried is a better word. These leaves DO trap water. Imagine a swimming pool liner. Photo from Andy Strickland's caretakers' journal

obsolete image of post in hole

Serious example of why this manual is looking at better ways to build things. Booths that fall apart and float away can probably create liablity if they adversely impact adjacent property owners And other powerful image from the caretaker's journal

A very clever panelized floor system that just doesn't quite get all the way to what I want to see. I use this as an example of mis-stacking the panels - lotoo close to the ground (barely 8") It creates killing shade, and nblocks floodwater , risking havoc to the booth or adjacent booths.

original floor framing drawing scanned from BCRM

really great example of a well designed booth that completely comes apart in minutes and goes home in a trailer, leaving no trace. This is one side of Get Fried Rice.

A recent generic booth with a hard floor

Caretaker's journal showing how fast things can get out of hand Note level of the floodwater, and size of the hole the water blew when it jumped under the fence

photoshop can do this to color photos but it is not really any better at illustrating or any more anonymous than the photo


floor panels this picture could tell more of the story as an illustration

rotten roof, with fungus growing on the rafters

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