Here is what I wrote in my journal in August 1973 at the end of the festival:

"The after-the-festival work-week has not produced much so far, because there is still no mechanism for working together. It's still just individual projects that either have no need for other people or or more often, have no room for other people. Which shouldn't surprise me, but it really does.

I don't think I got a lot better at telling people what to do - a whole lot of that role is "hype" - it's about making the job you'd like to see done sound more interesting than sitting around wondering what to do or reading comics or smoking hash.

Most people when faced with this dilemma simply do the job themselves, because the time spent (the time consumed doing the task) is an escape from the challenge of figuring out what to do. It's a much simpler world view to be stacking wood or painitng ladders than to be trying to relate all the things that don't work into a blueprint for changes to be made, but without an overview to start with, the amount of energy that gets wasted: consumed by unneccessary, or redundant, or simply premature or misdirected labor is incredible. Obviously the wood needs stacking, but where?"

©Joe Breskin August 1973
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