It finally started raining last night ...

Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 8:26 AM

I spent a lot of Sunday afternoon helping Ande help Aster build her own website. Aster is heading off to visit colleges that want her. Next weekend she flies east to interview University of Chicago and then in a week or so I guess she flies off to Columbia, in NYC. 

I had offered to help her build a site at the end of last school year (I actually gave her a computer and an internet account several years ago and she uses the internet a lot) and she actually recognizes that she actually NEEDS a website in order to have a way to have all of her stuff accessible and available from wherever she is, and she needs a link to it on her visiting cards, but she has been entirely too busy lately to put any effort at all into putting it together. And besides, that would have involved interacting with me.

So,naturally, her mom, as mom's are wont to do, rode to the rescue. Near as I can tell, I was the horse.

 We (Ande and I - Aster was elsewhere, taking her SATs) started at about 10:00 AM over coffee at Otter Crossing, storyboarding it on pieces of paper - every page onthe site got a piece of paper assigned to it  - and after Ande sketched its layout, I roughed in how the code would work. Then she sat here and typed in the text and I wrapped it in code.

Only page that I am proud of is this one: because it looks cool and truly reflects my vision. (And for some strange reason it looks almost EXACTLY like this page which looks like the notebook that I spent the summer filling with songs and poetry)

The amazing part of this - the part that makes it worth talking about - is that we got through the whole process w/o getting into fights about how to do things - at least until about 4:00 AM when I really needed my machine and space back, and she was totally exhausted - and still fanatically editing at the wrong level of detail - and 12 hours after her agreed cut-off time - and no longer taking advice.

Ande managed entering the text and communicating with Aster - (who was reviewing pages and sending back messages like the following:

From: Aster Grahn

To: Joe Breskin

Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000 12:14 AM

Subject: Not Asterland at all: Joeland

Nice. I like everything but the links. If someone wanted those links they could go to joe's site, now couldn't they? The rest is just beautiful.


to which I of course replied:

"It was actually just put there as an example of  HOW the page would work. But you should certainly link to joeland. You could even be disparaging - Joeland - website of the first grownup you defeated in mortal combat."

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