Sent: Jan 27, 2003 - 1:43 PM
<I am sort of back. Still more or less on travel-time, but I have downloaded my voice-mail, responded to email, and spent a few days with my Russian friend Serise who came to visit. I met her at the airport in Seattle (we had timed our plane tickets to arrive within an hour of one another) and then took her to my parents' for dinner. Now she is off visiting other friends, and to teach in some high-school classrooms for a few days.

Quite ironic that I walked hundreds of kilometers around Budapest looking for exactly the room I found the very last night, in the last hours of my adventure, at the concert Eszter and I went to immediately before we went to the airport.

I would have gone there every day. It's all in asking the right questions, using the right words. I knew what I was looking for, but did not quite know how to describe it.

Now I know: It's so easy: I just needed to say  "Lantos Zolton ... we appear to see eye-to-eye on so many things, please tell me where is your favorite place to play music in all of Budapest?

What is the most intimate public setting for a musical performance?

O.K., so tell me how do I get there?"

From where I am sitting now, that is all that I really needed to know how to say...
at Nyitott Muhely, the band was great, but they just didn't play danceable  music ...
©Joe Breskin January 2003
Some of my letters from Budapest that my friend Serise in Russia made into a webpage
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