Observations on the fate of GMA and the future of land use policy in Jefferson County

The fate of GMA and land use policy in Jefferson County appears to be hanging on
the BOCC election once again.

Here is the skinny:

There has been a HUGE "last-ditch" effort underway to get a collection of major
revisions to the County's poorly written and often contradictory GMA Comp Plan
rammed through before Dan Harpole leaves office.

Unfortunately, the UDC that is being developed to replace the regulations and
processes in the adopted Comp Plan is not a very good piece of work either. Very
few people have a clue what it really says or what its contradictions and
omissions are likely to actually prohibit or allow, or why a lot of the clauses
are in there at all.  It looks to me like an urban development standard taken
from (and appropriate to) a largely urbanized county has been very roughly
superimposed on our rural county with little effort to harmonize it with our
adopted Comp Plan.

Question: Why our Dan and Richard pushing for its adoption?

Answer: Because they fear what will happen if the majority on the BOCC shifts

My property has Michelle's signs on its corners, right?  IMHO, a Michelle
victory does not guarantee that a good UDC will be adopted, but it can sure
reduce the pressure to rush into adopting another sloppy collection of code
language in order to avoid the deeper devil of having no regulation at all.

Why is this the case?

Because it appears that Glen Huntingford (the sole commissioner who openly
questions the quality of the UDC) opposes passage of the UDC and is counting on
regaining a majority position against land use regulation when and if Dan
Titterness wins. You want to see unplanned growth and sprawl in Jefferson County
accelerate like a funnycar? Then ignore this crucial BOCC election and watch
those two attempt to dismantle approximately ten years of catastrophically
expensive community planning efforts.

Caveat: Predicting elections from polls is about as scientific as predicting
weather from examination of chicken guts.

Joe Breskin
346 Hudson Point
Port Townsend, WA
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