Just one more day and I'm out of here ...

Sent: December 24, 2002 11:20 AM

Kind of hard to believe - it's been so long since I actually went anywhere. But I have the hard-copy plane ticket and the passport and the 007-style instructions and a stack of the local currency, and near as I can tell, I am really am hopping on a DC-10 to Amsterdam and then a 737 to Budapest. Hard to believe I'd chose the dead of winter to go to a place where the weather is about as nice as it is in North Dakota. But the chance to go exploring this part of the world with a native guide has not come up before, so what if it's the middle of winter: pack warm is the game.

Things to do once I am there are shaping up fast. As of a week ago there was a TV spot in Germany and as of today it looks like there is a recording studio to stay in and a CD project to play on in Denmark, too.

I get enough mail that I am putting autoresponders on at least one of my normal email accounts that says:"Joe Breskin is currently out of the office, on an adventure. Mail sent to this address may not be reviewed for a while. Messages >50 Kb and messages with attachments will probably end up in the bit-bucket. Check the website for news and updates." ... but I've set up an account for people who I correspond with. And of course, if you know people who live over there who you think I ought to try to connect with, please connect them to me or me to them.

Until further notice, if you want to  get a message to me I am still semi-findable at my airstream@olympus.net address and I will configure it to forward to some hotmail/yahoo thing like joebreskin@yahoo.com if I need one.

But this adventure is mostly about NOT being stuck in front of a computer, so I do not expect to be much of a correspondent. There will certainly still be computers in my diet - I'm sure I'll be fixing quite a few of them - but most of the time I'll probably post stuff to the website rather than emailing, cuz I know my server's password by heart and I am probably not going to carry an electronic address book.

©Joe Breskin December 2002
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