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A little deeper perspective on my use of food as a metaphore; it has been a long-standing more-than-half-serious joke of mine that the reason our various attempts at revolution failed so utterly in the '60's was that we simply could not agree what to eat for dinner, let alone what to have on the agenda for the meeting after dinner.

And since then, I have watched again and again as the most bitter and mean-spirited personal attacks occur between the most obvious and the most necessary natural allies, preventing the formation of alliances over the finest and most meaningless points of dogma. While huge and important problems are overlooked.

You certainly recall the divisiveness that nearly poisoned the purchase of the diesel generator for the Sister City project: so I ask rhetorically, and I believe that this is the crucial question that must be addressed if we are to have a truly effective green party - am I really closer in my world-view to your enemies than to yourselves?
Is it not truly insane behaviour on our part to choose not to discover a level of consensus that allows us to function from a position of collective wisdom and strength and live inside it? That is why the diversity of food at a potluck is such a telling indicator of the diversity of individual political awareness that somehow we have to figure out how to encompass and embrace.

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