Tal Raboy Charms the Air

There is beauty in darkness as well as in light. Tal's gift is capturing beauty, and bringing light to the darkness.

another Guy Webster photograph of Tal Raboy

Tal Raboy charms the air with her song, - whether it is Jerry Lieber/Phil Spector classic, or a lilting forceful Hebrew Yemeni chant that was written by King Solomon for the Queen Sheba thousands of years ago.

She also writes her own love-and-death songs in English.

"Some issues in our life have no solution" she says "and if you turn them into a musical expression they become feelings and you can let them go."

   - Ojai Valley Chronical

Tal was born in the holy-land of Israel, raised among hundreds of acres of orange groves, with rolling dunes and ancient oak trees.

She is the grand daughter of an Austro-Hungarian holocaust survivor and she has been singing in public since she was five.

She grew up in B'nai Berack and in Tel Aviv. B'nai Berack is one of the most religious Chassidic towns in Israel other then Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is the most bohemian. In the conservative town, she heard Sapphardic melody from French Moroccan Jews, mixed with the music of eastern European Ashkenazey jews, and Tel Aviv - in Jaffa - the ancient Mediterranean port-city, where the myth of Andromeda tied to the Rock as a sacrifice for the Dragon still lives - she joined the choir and played classical music and western jazz.

She has traveled all over: Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, England, Majorca, but here favorite most inspiring place so far is the Sinai coast, on the Red sea in Egypt.

"Love is a wave" was given to her in Spain by the 90 years old English poet Martin Tallents.

For three summers now, Tal has played at hippie tribal festivals. At WOMAD 2000 she was invited by Master of Ceremonies Yair Dalal to sing at the grand jam on Main-Stage that closed the festival.

Tal's voice is fascinating: sometimes she sings like a bird and she plays with melody like a flautist. The music she plays is based on familiar world-beat components, and yet it is unique, haunting, moody and interesting.

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