New Years 2018-19   Fri. Dec 28 - Tues. Jan 1 $415
Sat. Dec 29-Tues. Jan 1 $340
Sun. Dec 30-Tues. Jan 1 $275
Winter 2019 Fri. Feb 15 - Mon. Feb 18   $400
Spring 2019 Thu. May 2 - Sun. May 5 $315
Fri. May 3 - Sun. May 5 $240


Hey Campers!

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop 2018 Retreats are now open for registration. Here are dates, prices and needed information for registration.


Friday, December 28, 2018 after lunch to Tuesday, January 1, 2019 after brunch. Cost: $415
Or arrive after lunch on Saturday, Dec 29: cost $340
or after lunch on Sunday, Dec 30: cost $275
If at least thirty people sign up for it, we can have the camp another day:
Friday Dec 29 through Wednesday, Jan 2: $455.
$5 discount if paid in full with a single check by Dec. 15.
Contact Fl!p Breskin for the cost of shorter stays, or for children.

We expect around 70 people for this one. A peaceful, engaging way to welcome in the New Year in a warm, welcoming community. We have an intimate swing dance and a wonderful New Years Eve feast, party & late night buffet in addition to the delights of jamming.


President's Day Weekend (U.S.)
Friday, February 15, 1 PM through Monday, February 18, 1 PM
Cost $400
$5 discount if paid in full with a single check by December 1st.

Winter Retreat tends to fill up by some time in December, so let me know as soon as you can if you're planning to come to that one. Registration is first-come, first-serve, by postmark not delivery date so don't waste money on faster mail. Minimum deposit $100. Most US mail gets to me within a couple days. Canadians should for sure let me know your check is on its way! I won't deposit any Retreat checks until you have a confirmed space in the retreat.

If you decide late, there may still be spaces available, so email me to check and I'll do the best I can to get you in.


Four day option:
Thursday May 2 through through Sunday, May 5, 2019
Cost $315

Three day option:
Friday May 3 through through Sunday, May 5, 2019.
Cost: $240

$5 discount if paid in full with a single check by April 1st.
Contact Fl!p Breskin for pricing for children.

Probably around 70 participants. My favorite retreat. Very relaxed. It's like an old fashioned weekend-long house party with lots of folks to play with and plenty of space to play with them, good food and no dishes to wash.

At Spring Retreat I find I often have time to sit and make music with folks I haven't ever had a chance to hang out and jam with before, with deeply satisfying results.


FOR RETREATS ONLY. All others, use the contact links. Each event has different coordinators.
Email this to

Remember to make your check out to PSGW and then snail-mail it to me. (no credit cards)
PSGW Retreats
2518 Cherry St
Bellingham WA 98225 USA

Any questions? Feel free to phone or email me.
Please pass this information to your PSGW buddies. My messages have been getting caught in ever-more-aggressive email filters so some of your friends may not see this.

You're welcome to bring folks who've never been to PSGW, but if you do, things go best if you consider yourself their personal host for the event.

First Timers who find us on the web might want to come with a buddy.

We do have a scholarship fund, and you're welcome to talk with me about it. My goal is always to make it possible for you to come, and still leave money in the fund for other folks who need it too.

Here is a more detailed description of what goes on, for those who have never come:

Winter Retreat is the big one, with about 110 participants (I've cut it down from 140 because that was just too big). New Years and Spring have about 65 or 70. Participants range from relatively beginning players through lots of professionals. Maybe 2/3 of us actually play guitar. Most of the rest of us play some other instrument, or sing passionately, or come with someone we love who plays. Some folks bring their kids. Lots of great harmony singers.

Fabulous old geezers and sparkling young musicians. Worlds collide and the music coruscates.

There are no classes. The only interruption to the music and conversation is good food. Lots of trading life stories late at night between tunes. (I forgot to go to bed again...)

There's a dance on Saturday night. A lot of people get really dressed up. Some of us wear jeans. For me it depends on my mood. Big steak & salmon feast one dinner. Mallard Ice Cream at least a couple times for snacks. I drag out boxes of needle-felting materials for art projects that include name-tags for those who are so inspired. Some folks bring their own craft projects.

Housing is in cabins and a couple lodges around a little lake in the woods. Nice places to walk. Decent beds, with bedding & towels provided. Heat & indoor bathrooms and showers in the cabins.

Folk, swing, gypsy jazz (especially at Winter), old time, celtic, bluegrass, singer-songwriter, classic rock & roll.... Big mobs singing Beatles songs & old Broadway musicals. Tiny hang-out-in-the corner and jam with one or two other like-minded folks in a quiet cabin (that's my favorite). Roam from cabin to cabin to see what's going on. Ask anybody "How did you DO that?" and you're likely to get a real answer.

I'd love to see you this winter and spring!
For more information contact
Fl!p Breskin