What The Media Says About Interpreter Anne Clark

"Last Saturday, I was given another glimpse into my black hole, that void inside that 'people, places, things' cannot fill. The Fort Worden Blues Festival had a sign language interpreter on stage. Just what we needed, an emotional language signer when I was a child. This youthful body with long hair put on a graceful, joyful, sensual dance of hands, face and body for the 'impaired.' Not since watching 'Children of a Lesser God' has sign language so spoken to me... My heart could not keep out the beauty of this signer and her songs. Being hungry for beauty, it's hard to focus on the message rather than wanting to retain the messenger, but I do hope she saw my tears, a small river, 50 years deep and wide. Art, music: a language of feelings that opens my heart, sustains my dreams and nurtures spiritual seeds. Thanks to Centrum for making music, and life, more accessible to this impaired music lover."


"...easier to decipher the sign language than the mumbled vocals of the musicians."


"...There is a dimension to music you have never experienced before. You can't help but be moved by it. . . creating better understanding between people."


"Music to their eyes.. rivals the wattage of a Christmas tree. Indeed, this woman can mesmerize an audience..."


"We could hardly keep our eyes off Anne ... mesmerized the audience"


"But it is not so much her attractive presence... but the the gentle, fluid manner of her hands, arms and body which move graceflilly... there is a certain mesmerizing quality ... Deaf people love loud music. They like to go out and have a good time just like anyone else ... You don't sign just for deaf people; hearing people love it, too.
...21 million hearing-impaired people ... That's a huge audience for musicians. People who like sign language love it a lot and will go out of their way to see a signed show by someone who's good. So many people find it inspiring ... the response ... has been incredible."


"Interpreter brings music to life ... Many said her interpreting brought them to tears ... Clark stole the show ... People don't have to be hearing impaired to enjoy the performance of ASL Interpreter Anne Clark. Clark's unique dance-like combination of body movements, facial expressions and sign language stunned both performers and concert goers at Centrum's recent Blues Festival ..."


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